Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lighting at Pearl St

Little bits of progress have taken place at Pearl St.  You know, it is the little things that matter, especially to us womenfolk.  The BF installed the new vintage kitchen light fixture.  I got it at my favorite flea market.  Large basic oval globe, but gives the kitchen more of a contemporary flare. (I will take a picture, I think I was just so focused on taking pictures and measurements of CL things I forgot about the important pics.)

I had him move the original kitchen light fixture to the pantry since we removed the wall between the pantry and laundry they needed to match. (I will post pics of utility transformation on another post)  Nice not to have the original bare porcelain fixture dangling.

Last and most beautiful, is the Dining Room light Chandelier.  I shopped forever to find something that was perfect for the DR at Pearl.  Everything was too expensive or just to fancy.  Finally, when I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago the universe smiled down on me and dropped this in my lap.  The perfect light fixture for pearl, it wasn't complete, but in my stash of treasures I had the perfect glass shade and chain.

 Parts ready for a light fixture "marriage" and rewire job

Finished!  Don't you love her?  And I did it all my self and saved it from the landfill.

Creating my own corner of paradise in the hood.
PS check out the cute Mini Chandy I have listed on CL.  I bought it for my bath, but the wiring just didn't work stay tuned for an awesome DIY Chandelier project

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  1. This turned out great!!
    I have a giveaway going on over at my blog that ends today if you'd like to head on over! :)