Saturday, November 5, 2011

Great Paint Sale

Since, I have paint on the brain (I repainted the bath at Pearl St., I will post pictures when it is pretty) thought I would pass on the SW paint sale.  Here is the link to get 40% of paint, and 30% off supplies. 
It is a great time to stock up on supplies or tackle that painting job. 

If you check the Sherwin Williams website they have a 10$ off when you buy 50$ worth of Product.  HD used to let me use this coupon at there stores.  But, now they are getting more restrictive.  You may be able to twist the arm of your favorite HD manager to let you take advantage of this coupon at their store.

BTW turquoise is my new favorite color.  Probably because the kitchen at Pearl St. is turquoise and yellow.  It is sooooo happy.  I moved some of my Fiesta ware into the cabinets this week.   It is very happy, I know why they started making it after the war.  Women were yearning for some happy colors for their homes and especially their kitchens.

Happy Painting,


  1. I love Fiestaware - it really is so happy. Whenever I break down and finally get a nice full set of dishes to replace my odds and ends, I am definitely going with my favorite Fiestaware pieces.

  2. thanks for dropping buy! Used Sherwin Williams for the bedroom paint and used every coupon I could find!!